Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Summer of George

It's really the summer of sports, but since I love Seinfeld and vague post titles, this seemed like a good fit.

I am realizing today just how wonderful this summer is for fans of sport in the US. We moved into a new house and had a baby right near the end of May. That was also about the time I found myself mostly unemployed. All of those coincidences converged to leave me at home often, generally with time on my hands.

These factors, compounded with our wonderful cable installer, Milford, leaving us with several channels we're not paying for - I have access to ESPN and the NBC Sports Network in addition to the regular broadcast channels.

I spent the final few days of May enjoying the French Open, the NBA conference finals and the Stanley Cup playoffs. I'm not a huge hockey fan, but I never miss a Cup presentation; they're even better if the last game goes into OT.

Now I'm enjoying nearly wall-to-wall coverage of the US (golf) Open, HD NBA Finals on ABC as well as two football matches every day in Euro 2012.

NBC Sports has better than decent coverage of cycling all summer - from the Giro to the Tour of Switzerland to the Tour de France in July.

The Euro Championship match dovetails nicely with the start of Le Tour, which will end with just a little breathing room before the Summer Olympics kick in to full swing. (This also means enhanced coverage of all the Olympic trials in various sports).

I've been looking forward, this summer, to a chance to relax, reset, catch my life bearing, and learn about what it means to live with a kid in a new house and a new town. While the wife believes my unhealthy fascination with sports of all kinds is some mental deficiency or categorized mental disorder, it really does bring me a great deal of joy and peace.

So, if you're a sports fan in the area - feel free to stop on by and catch something with me this summer. The line up looks great! Let's just hope I don't break both my legs tomorrow and have to re-learn how to walk.

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