Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Go as a Way Opens by ML "Swanee" Schwanz

This book was sent to me as a gift, but it comes from Storian Press, for whom I've written in the past and who's publishing vision I want to promote. Go as a Way Opens is the written version of some stories from the life of Swanee Schwanz, a man who, along with his family, spent many years in Haiti and Africa, giving themselves to the work of God in the world, mostly through organizing and leading the building of schools, hospitals, and churches in places where they wouldn't otherwise exist.

It is a story of faith and perseverance, but also of grace and learning and love. Uniquely, Swanee told the stories orally, and recorded them. His brother then transcribed them and edited them into a coherent narrative for the book. Each section is loosely themed and flows pretty well. The stories are often dramatic and well told - it's interesting for just about any reader.

This seems to be mostly a project of love, allowing the author to pass on these stories to family and friends, but it could certainly be used as an interesting discussion piece for small groups or mission training in local congregations. I suspect those who know the Schwanz family well will be most impacted by these stories, but even if these stories don't all resonate with you, Chapter 10 is worth the purchase price and more.

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